Caring K9s, Inc. Caring K9s, Inc.


Caring K9s therapy dogs are trained to provide kindness, comfort, and love while providing support to individuals in various situations. Whether it is spending time with people in hospitals,  hospice centers, nursing homes, retirement homes, schools, libraries, emergency response centers, or providing support on scene after a traumatic incident.

Animal assisted therapy has been reported to help numerous psychological health issues such as anxiety,  depression,  social skills, and simply improving the mood of an individual.  Physical interaction with a therapy dog improves cardiovascular health. Just the simple act of petting an animal promotes the release of hormones serotonin,  prolactin, and oxytocin, which elevate moods.

Additional benefits of therapy dogs are that they provide comfort, companionship and are a welcomed diversion to an unpleasant situation.  Therapy dogs can help lessen stress, help people feel more calm,  comfortable, and confident.

Caring K9s Therapy Dogs currently visit locations within Citrus, Hernando and surrounding counties as we continue to grow. If you or your organization could benefit from our therapy dogs or if you are interested in joining our team by sharing kindness, comfort and love please reach out to Caring K9s by emailing us or by calling 727-514-1347.